Just because it is

                                 Doesn't mean it has to be



At Equine Translation 

we believe that our Equine Body Communication system is 

an essential element of interacting with our horses 

We don’t speak their language 

and they don’t speak ours 

Because they aren’t human 

and we aren’t horses


At Equine Translation


We don’t try to humanise horses 

We just communicate with horses


To do this we utilise their 

natural equine body communication system 


This technique replicates how horses communicate with one another in a kind, clear and simple way


Equine Body Communication will show you how to

Become more aware of and manage both your own and your horse’s body language and adrenaline  

When adrenaline goes up learning goes down 

And when adrenaline goes down learning goes up

Reassure your horse that you are a strong passive leader

Essential for your horse to remain calm and responsive

Communicate your thoughts, wishes and aids effectively Fundamental for a happy and successful partnership


And give you both a clear mind for optimum learning whilst remaining in your respective comfort zones


An added bonus with groundwork is that you can learn a lot about yourself that you didn’t know


A horse will never choose to follow a weak leader

But a human will.....

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