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True Classical Riding

Change the rider not the horse


True classical riding incorporates softness, lightness and finesse

Without resorting to force, punishment or pain


When most people’s focus is on changing their horse

Our focus at Equine Translation is on changing the rider


We can teach you how to

synchronize your movements to

work with and not against your horse


And instead of using more hands

                                                   more legs

                                                                      more seat

                                                                                        and more gadgets

You will use less hands

                                             less legs

                                                                    less seat

                                                                                          and less gadgets

With True Classical Riding you will:

  • Use less effort but gain more response
  • Use less aids but feel more results
  • Use less gadgets and see a completely different horse
  • See a dramatic improvement in you horse’s movement
  • Ride a horse that gives unlimited results
  • Feel a new confidence in both you and your horse
  • And lastly notice that other people are noticing too

Just because you've thought it

Doesn't mean you've done it