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The shorter the journey 

                                       The uglier the destination


Sadly in hand schooling can be undervalued and even undermined by traditional perceptions of riding

At Equine Translation we recognise that as riders we place physical and mental handicaps onto our horses when we ride them

This is because fundamentally horses weren't born to carry us and we weren't born to ride them

With our In Hand Schooling system we take the rider out of the equation initially to negate any involuntary interference by the rider

This simplifies the learning process of both horse and rider

With In Hand Schooling you can both benefit from all of these and more:

  • An opportunity on the ground to see and learn the co-ordination, timing and feeling of the aids thus making it so much simpler when you ride
  • The chance to visually observe where your horse excels or struggles from the ground rather than trying to 'blindly' feel it in the saddle
  • The satisfaction of seeing your horse learn movements with their natural corresponding emotion without inadvertently suppressing it in the saddle
  • Discover the knowledge to develop the correct musculature and balance in your horse which is necessary to carry you
  • Gain the reassurance that you will be minimising the risk of future stress injuries to your horse caused by incorrect riding on an undeveloped horse
  • Gift your horse the time, space and freedom to learn mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Remove the pressure if you are both learning ridden movements simultaneously
  • And adding a refreshing new dimension to your training and interaction with your horse when bad weather, injury or age prevents you from riding